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Senior College - Physics

History & Brief Information of the Department of Physics

Activities carried out by Physics Society during the year 2015-16

Chuck Talahnvik said "There is NOTHING special in the world. Nothing magic. Just Physics". The Physics Society works to help students explore this magic in an innovative manner. Like every other year, 2015 was an eventful year for the Physics Society.

The first event on 14th of August, featured a debate (a rare sight in such a logically complete branch of science such as physics), with students from various classes facing off against each other, while addressing issues both relevant like the success of India's nuclear program and the efficacy of manned spaceflight, to the esoteric like the possible contradictions of science and theism. The participants were filled with informed vigour; enthusiastic arguments flowed from all sides. The finals featuring the debate about the intersection of science and theism included an outpouring of opinion from the audience itself, outlining several interesting fields of thought. The ability of the physics faculty to voice their thoughts effectively was also a pleasure to see.

The events followed on into a poster competition that did succeed in lightening a spark of curiosity about various topics with memorable ones being telescopic illustrations, scientists of history, etc.

Another event featured a quiz which was equally challenging and educational. Highlight of the day was professor’s quiz where our esteemed faculty tested their polished wits in a display of class.

The society organized thought provoking talks and events to introduce students with trending researches and innovation in the field. A talk on “Nano Photonics” by “Dr.Parindavasa”, an alumni of The Jaihind College and is now a professor at IIT Bombay on 27th July 2015. She spoke about various trends and scopes of Nanophotonics first explaining the basics and then its concept. This was followed by visits to Optical & Electronics labs of IIT Bombay on 30th Aug 2015.

On 29th Jan 2015, a talk by Prof. Iain Stewart, a Scottish geologist in collaboration with the British Council was organised. Prof. Stewart is a fantastic science communicator, well known for various BBC programs including Earth: The Power of the Planet which was nominated for BAFTA awards etc. He is described as geology's "Rock" star.

Last but not the least, the biggest event of Physics society was Phyzex 2015 on 11th November Its our annual intercollegiate science exhibition covered under the title Xplore which includes all science departments. The exhibition was open to all colleges to not only visit but also participate, and we received many interesting projects from renowned colleges like St. Andrew’s college, Bhavans College (Andheri), R D National College, Army Public School, Degree and Junior students of our College. Some of the popular projects included Tesla Coil, DIY Microscopy and Hologram. The response was overwhelming. Our respected judges Dr. Vijay pawar from Sidharth college and Dr. A Palekar from National College judged the exhibits. Dr Palekar had an interactive session with us based on Sir Einstein’s work and life. The prize distribution on the following day i.e. 12th August, 2015 had a number of students walking away with prizes and merit certificates for Academic Excellence as well as extra co-curricular activities.

Besides, activities conducted in the college premises saw active participation from our students. Students have attended seminars at various research institutes. A series of lectures conducted by TIFR, Mumbai got a major response from our students. The topper of NGPE from our college got a chance to visit IIT-Kanpur. The overall experience proved to be an eye opener to what studying physics in a well-equipped institution at high level was like.

Two of our students worked as Summer Interns at Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR), Mumbai in the Department of Condensed Matter Physics. The work included “observing behaviour of objects and their interaction on a fluid-fluid interface, and postulating the stability of n-body arrangements” and “made a wireless power transfer circuit with better efficiency which could transfer a good amount of power and make another circuit”.

In Gyan Manthan, an intercollegiate academic festival at Royal College, Mumbai, Cyrus Khan and Ravi Bari won 2nd prize.

Certificate course in Astronomy was inaugurated on 27th August, 2015 in collaboration with AAA- Amateur Astronomy Association for the second consecutive year. The course comprises of about 5 lectures for duration of 2 hours every Saturday. The two field trips organized helped students to probe into the basics of Astronomy. Lectures by renowned professors like Dr. Paranjay (Director of Nehru Planetarium), Prof Mahesh Shetty covered fascinating topics like Galaxies, Stellar classification, concepts of Supernova and Black hole and so on. The feedback of students was very positive and encouraged by all.

All in all, an excellent event by the Physics Society that, though novel in its aim and scope, will surely return to the stage in the near future for another round.

Physics Society 2016-17

Robotics workshop

ISENSOBOTZ: Robotics Workshop Organized by IIT E-Cell in collaboration with Robokart.com and Jai Hind College

Date: 22nd-23rd July 2016

The workshop extended for over two days and was conducted by Mr. Yogesh from Robokart.com. The two day workshop covered the basics of robotic manipulation using Arduino circuit board and a Robotics kit consisting of motors and joints.

The class was divided into three groups of 5 students each, each group having a kit consisting of an Arduino circuit board, two motors, a chassis with wheels, joints and preliminary tools to build a robot.

Quiz and Debate Competition

The Quiz competition was held by Physics Society on 31st August 2016.It comprised of 31 teams( 2 in each team) out of which 7 teams were shortlisted for finals.

The topic for the Debate was “Privatization of space Travel”.

Visit to TIFR

13 SYBSc students undertook a trip to the Low temperature Facility at TIFR on 20th September, 2016.This helped them to understand low temperature Physics by visiting liquification of Helium and Nitrogen plants. They were shown a demonstration of liquid nitrogen for superconductivity.

Ongoing Course in Astronomy
  • AAA (Bombay) has set up an Astronomy course for the students of Jaihind College in collaboration with the DoP.

  • The course comprises 10 hours of theory and about 22-24 hours of practical sessions.

  • The purpose of the course is to add value to the education provided by the college, and is not intended to generate revenue either for the college, the DoP or AAA (Bombay).

  • Theory sessions:
    • The theory sessions are held in the college premises.

    • There are five Saturdays of theory sessions, each lasting two hours.

    • The broad outline of the theory syllabus is as follows (subject to slight modification)

Lecture no



Proposed Speaker


1 hour


Anjanee Rao


1 hour

The Celestial Sphere: Properties of the sphere, similarities between terrestrial coordinate system, right ascension and declination, altitude and azimuth, time – sidereal, hour angle,  magnitudes and constellations. 

Arvind Paranjpye


1 hour

Telescopes: Optical – refractor. Reflector (Newtonian, Cassegrain, and other types), telescope mounts, telescopes other than optical (Radio – UV etc.)

Manisha Joshi Deshpande


1 hour

Instrumentation: Photography, Photometry and Spectroscopy.

Arvind Pranjpye


1 hour

Solar System  I: Formation and planets.

Pooja Tolia


1 hour

Solar System II: Non-planets – asteroids, comets and dwarf planets, meteor shower

Karishma Dhanmeher


1 hour

The Stars: Formation, life cycle and death, variable stars.

Guest speaker (Prof Chitre --


1 hour

The Sun as a Star

to be invited/consent awaited)


1 hour

The Milky Way Galaxy: How Man discovered the Galaxy, its properties, nebulae, star clusters.

Prof J B Mistry (TBI/consent awaited)          


1 hour

The Galaxies: Different types of galaxies, tuning fork diagram etc.

Prof Mrs F Mistry (TBI/consent awaited)

Certificate ceremony in January 2017:


1 hour

Frontiers in Astronomy: Exploration of planets (space missions and colonization of mars), Extra-solar planets, gravity wave astronomy, search for life in the Universe.

Prof Mahesh Shetty (TBI/consent awaited)


1 hour

The Role of Amateurs in Astronomy

Mr Deepak Bhimani (TBI/consent awaited)

Centre for National Graduate Physics Examination(NGPE)

Every year Jai Hind College hosts the NGPE examination. Last year two students figured in the top 10% at the all India level and were invited for a short course in Basic Physics at IIT Kanpur. This year too, students are enthusiastic about appearing for this exam.
Research Projects completed by faculty
  1. "Synthesis and Characterization of ZnO nanoparticles for the study of their Antibacterial activity"
    A research grant of Rs 36,700, July 2012

  2. "Effect of Thermal Treatment on Magnetic and Magnetostrictive Properties of TbDyFe2 and its Boron Substituted Pseudobinaries."
    A research grant of Rs 20,000, November 2013

  3. "Study of antimicrobial property and mechanical strength of metal oxide nano particles embedded in bone cement"
    A research grant of Rs 30,000, November 2013

Research Facilities available
  • Four probe resistivity setup

  • Magnetic Stirrer

  • pH meter

  • High Temperature Furnace

  • Zeeman Effect Apparatus

  • Ultrasonic Interferometer

  • Nano material synthesis

  • Magnetostriction measurement setup

  • Resistivity measurement

  • Kiethley Nano Voltmeter

Student Achievements in 2015-16
  • Srushti Tandel secured the first prize in the Intercollegiate Poster competition in FIZIKA 2K16 at K. J. Somaiya College.

  • Aafiya Khan and Shagufta Batliwala secured the first rank in Junkcraft at R. D. National College.

  • Akta Singh secured the second position at Quizzics at R. D. National college

  • Cyrus Khan and Shagufta Batliwala were placed among top 10% in part A of NGPE examination.

  • Cyrus Khan and Ravi Bari won 2nd prize in Gyan Manthan, an intercollegiate academic festival at Royal college , Mumbai

Student Achievements in 2016-17
  • Shagufta Batliwala successfully completed a short term Course in Basic Physics at IIT, Kanpur.

Faculty Profile Degree College




Ms. Dilber Daruwalla
(Head of the Department)

M.Sc., M.Phil., D.H.E


Dr. M. Deshpande

M. Sc., NET, Ph.D

Solid State Electronics

Mr. S. Dange

M. Sc., NET

Non-Linear Dynamics

Mrs. J. Mayekar


Solid State Physics

Dr. Balakrishna Rongali

M.Sc., Ph.D


Dr. Niyaz Ahmed

M.Sc., Ph.D