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Student Testimonials

Akhilesh KumarIts been a roller coaster ride filled with some amazing moments, a lot of laughter and a million memories. Will never forget you Jai Hind.
Akhilesh Ram, TYBA, 2010-11




Vaspaan DastoorJai Hind College, Epic Win !
Vaspaan Dastoor, TYBA, 2010-11




ZoyaA lifetime’s worth of experience trapped up in 5 years.
Zoya Kazi, TYBA, 2010-11





Shradhha KingerSumming up 5 years in one word- Unforgettable.
Shraddha Kinger, TYBA, 2010-11





AshwinJai Hind has given me the ability to dream big. Its also given me the wings and the ability to soar too!!.

Ashwin Parthsarathy, TYBA, 2010-11.


An actual college experience- A thumbs up !
Radhika , TYBA , 2010-11

Five years worth of experience and memories that cannot be replaced.
Shreya Sanzgiri, TYBA, 2010-11

3 of the best years of my life.
Ashwin Kumar, TYBA, 2010-11

Best years of my life.
Afee Shah, TYBMM, 2010-11

The best time of my life full of happy and joyful memories.
Reetesh Puri, FY BSc, 2010-11

Three years worth of amazing memories with amazing people.
Koumudi Chauhan, TYBA , 2010-11

Jai Hind- Experince of a lifetime. Irreplaceable. You have to experience it to believe it.
Monaz Katila, TYBA, 2010-11