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Junior College - Economics

History of Department

History of the department

The four member department is 60 years old! It caters to students in the Commerce and Social science streams and offers a full majors programme in the final year of BA only to the best. A vibrant Economics Association of the Department funded and managed by past and present students has just completed twelve years of existence. It organises inter class seminars, book reviews, film shows, talks and lectures by scholars, industry experts, bankers, ex students, and participates in inter College Festivals . Its 12 credit based Honours programme is offered to diligent students of the social science stream and induces them to go well beyond course work. We have never had a failure in the graduating year and more than 60% of our students graduate with a first class.

The Department of Economics is as old as the college which was established in 1948. It is a four member department. The department has been catering to students in the Commerce stream along with the Humanities stream since 1980. The first head of the department was Mr. Gajra followed by Mrs. Maya Mirapuri, Dr. Harver and now Mrs. Adarsh Suri. We have never had a failure in the graduating year and almost 80% or more of our students have been graduating with a first class.


Faculty - Dept. of Economics - Junior College

  • Ms. Brakha Malyankar - Teacher
    M.A., B.Ed. Economics


(As per Maharashtra state board of secondary and higher secondary education)

Micro-Economics (1st Term)

  1. Introduction
    1. Micro economics-meaning, definition and features
  2. Consumer behaviour and demand analysis
    1. Concept of ility, Total and Marginal utility, Law of Diminishing marginal utility, Law of equimarginal utility.
    2. Concept of Demand, Types of Demand, Determinants of market demand, Law of Demand.
    3. Price elasticity of demand- Concept and Importance.
  3. Producer behaviour and supply analysis
    1. Meaning of Supply
    2. Market Supply
    3. Determinants of Market Supply and Law of Supply.
  4. Forms of market and price determination
    1. Perfect competition
    2. Monopoly and Monopolistic Competition- Meaning and Features
    3. Price determination under Perfect competition
  5. Factors of production

    Meaning and Features of Land, Labour, Capital, and Entrepreneur, qualities and functions of the entrepreneur.

Macro-Economics (2nd Term)

  1. Introduction

    Macro Economics – Meaning, Definition and Features.
  2. National Income
    1. Meaning and definitions of National Income.
    2. Estimation of National Income – Methods and Difficulties
  3. Determinants of Aggregate
    1. Aggregate Demand, Aggregate Supply and their components
    2. Consumption and Saving functions, their determinants.
  4. Money
    1. Meaning , definitions and functions of Money.
    2. Commercial and central banks- meaning and functions.
  5. Government Budget
    1. Government Budget – meaning and its components.
    2. Types of Government Budget – Balanced, Surplus and Deficit.