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Senior College - Philosophy

History of Department

Information about the department

The department of Philosophy caters to the emotional, spiritual and intellectual needs of students. It helps them to open up the horizons of the mind and to think beyond the conventional and mundane aspects of our everyday life.
No lecture is complete without thundering debates and discussions. The classroom interactions make students challenge their deepest convictions that he or she has always believed in.

The modern teaching methods adopted by the department are a balance of three styles of teaching:

  1. Transmissive Approach: Lecture Method
  2. Generative Approach: Through a process of enquiry, exploration and discovery of the subject.
  3. Transformative Approach: To extend it from the classroom to the world.

The philosophy of the department is that if you’re not living on the edge then your occupying too much space in this world and that its better to jump into the unknown and keep coming up with creative yet constructive ideas than to be always sure of yourself and live within the parameters of the known.

Activities of the Department:

  1. Visit to holistic healers.
  2. Yoga camps at the Yoga Institute, Santacruz.
  3. Talks by experts on topics like on Past Life Therapy, Colour Therapy, Importance of Proper Nutrition and Exercise, etc.
  4. Meditation Session
  5. Sessions of Aasanas, Pranayama and Yogic Meditation.
  6. Sattvic Lunches
  7. Tarot Sessions
  8. Sessions on Existential Painting with Hermeneutical Interpretation.
  9. Sessions on Food and Philosophy.
  10. Plays presented by Students on Rebirth, Buddhism, Jainism, etc.
  11. Session on Motivational Games and Exercises.
  12. Session with TYBA students on Paintings on feelings aroused by terror attacks.
  13. Going for movies related to the discipline for e.g., New York
  14. Field trip to various religious sites like Gurudwaras, Haji Ali, Temples, Churches, etc.


Study of philosophy touches the heart and soul of students.

Email-id : simminbawa@gmail.com


Faculty Dept of Philosophy Senior College

  • Ms.Simmin Bawa - Head of the Department
    B.A. (1st class), M.A. (1st class), NET
    Comparative Religion, Indian Ethics, J. Krishnamurti.