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Placement cell

One of the most reputed Colleges in the city of Mumbai and a true brand in itself, Jai Hind College produces talented, driven and professional graduates year after year, ready to be recruited by various companies. With massive conglomerates such as Google, Ernst & Young and KPMG it is rest assured that Jai Hind College churns out the best of the best. Also visiting Jai Hind College for campus placements as well as internships are companies such as Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), AOS Studley and Jindal Steel Works (JSW). Graduates from our college are well trained, knowledgeable and professional with a variety of skill sets to offer prospective companies. Undergraduate students on the other hand are encouraged to opt for internships. Students are bright, as well as eager to learn and thus we expose them to the professional world in order to facilitate training at younger age, which in turn prepares them for postgraduate job responsibilities.