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Programmes & Credits

For the successful completion of a program, a student is required to acquire 150 academic credit points along with 2 mandatory credits under AAA or ‘Additional Academic Activity’ across a period of three years of an undergraduate program. A student can also acquire 2 additional credits through non-mandatory AA or ‘Additional Activity’ as well as 2 non-mandatory credits through Internships during the course of the entire program. These non-mandatory credits will not be added to the final Grade point of the student but will be reflected in his/her Grade card. Whereas the AAA courses are more of a co-curricular nature to equip the student towards learning beyond the curriculum, the AA courses are more of an extra-curricular nature including Extension activities, CSR activities etc.

Following is the list of undergraduate programs offered at Jai Hind College:

  1. Bachelor of Arts
  2. Bachelor of Science
  3. Bachelor of Commerce
  4. Bachelor of Mass Media
  5. Bachelor of Management Studies
  6. Bachelor of Finance and Accounting
  7. Bachelor of Financial Markets
  8. Bachelor of Banking and Insurance
  9. Bachelor in Vocational Studies of Travel & Tourism Management
  10. Bachelor in Vocational Studies of Software Development
  11. Bachelor of Science in Information Technology
  12. Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology
  13. Bachelor of Business Administration (in collaboration with TCS)

The course combinations available with the Bachelor of Arts first year undergraduate program are as follows:-

  • Commerce – History – Philosophy
  • Commerce – Philosophy - History
  • Commerce – Political Science – History
  • Economics – Commerce – Maths
  • Economics – Commerce – History
  • Economics – Commerce – Philosophy
  • Economics – Commerce – Political Science
  • Economics – Political Science – Commerce
  • Economics – English – Philosophy
  • Economics – Philosophy – History
  • Economics – History – Political Science
  • Economics – Political Science – History
  • Economics – Political Science – English
  • Economics – Political Science – Philosophy
  • English – Political Science – History
  • Philosophy – History – English
  • Philosophy – Political Science – English
  • Philosophy – Political Science – History
  • Psychology – English – History
  • Psychology – History – Philosophy
  • Psychology – History- Political Science
  • Psychology – English- Philosophy
  • Psychology- Political Science – English
  • Psychology – Philosophy – Political Science

A student pursuing the BA program can major in Psychology, History, Economics or English Literature or do part major in two subjects, in the final year of the program.

The course combinations available with the Bachelor of Science first year undergraduate program are as follows:-

  • Physics – Chemistry – Mathematics
  • Physics – Chemistry – Botany
  • Physics – Chemistry – Life Sciences
  • Microbiology – Botany – Chemistry
  • Life Sciences – Botany – Chemistry
  • Biotechnology
  • BSc- IT

The student will have the opportunity to major in any one of the above mentioned subjects in B.Sc. program.

Post graduate program is available in the courses - Chemistry (by papers & by research), Botany (by research) Financial Accountancy and MSc Big Data Analytics in collaboration with TCS

Ph.D. program is available in the course of Botany.

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